sad-sad-dog-1311014 2020

Larry W. Wilson

William Grieve



dream-catcher 2019

Richard Boker (Ret.)

Freddie Hollins Jr. (Ret.)

Socorro Gomez (Ret.)

Michael Jones (Ret.)

loneliness - 1-1367550

Alex Husky (Ret.)

 Ronald Nielsen

Dennis Byxbe (Ret.)

Gil White (Ret.)

Allen Moses (Ret.)


Henry W. Paulmenn (Ret.)

Melvin Edwards (Ret.)

David C. Ybarra (Ret.)

Scott Lamoree (Ret.)

When one person is MISSING the whole world seems EMPTY.

yellowed rose, Isolated on black background

Darrell R. Wilkinson (Ret.)

Jacqueline M. Moya

Ronald Leland Busboom (Ret.)

Manuel V. Abril (Ret.)

candle 2015

Eugene Green, Jr.

David Michael Lombardi

Ronald William Labbe


Trudy Shade

Anthony “Tony” Osife (Ret.)

William Joseph Shall  (Ret.)

It will be the little things that you will REMEMBER.  The quiet moments, the SMILES, the LAUGHTER.  It will be the MEMORIES of these LITTLE THINGS that helps to push away the pain, and bring the SMILES back again.

Angel 2012

Rod E. Jackson

Curtis Anthony Brown

James Wesley Swartz (Ret.)

Pete B. Lopez  (Ret.)

Theotis L. Akins

angel 2011

Richard Abril, Sr.

Candle 2010

Hector Ruiz (Ret.)

Hold on to the Love, not the loss.

sadness 2009

Hadley Vicars Hansen, Jr.  (Ret.)

doves 2008

Jerry Randall McNeely, Sr.  (Ret.)

bench 2007

Rudolph R. Fierros (Ret.)

John Dunn (Ret.)

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